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Our hot drink sizes are:
8oz sm - 12oz md - 16oz lg - 20oz xl

# of shots per size:
1shot sm - 2shot md - 3shot lg - 4shot xl

»list of flavors
Iced Tea
Iced Coffee
Iced Latte
Iced Mocha
Iced Breve
Iced Chai Latte
Handmade Soda


Our hot drink sizes are:
12oz sm - 20oz lg

# of shots per size:
2shot sm - 4shot lg

»list of flavors



Soup of the Day ...cup $3 bowl $5
Hearty Veggie Chili ...cup $3 bowl $5
Healthy Greens ...$9.95
Greek Greens ...$9.95
Mixed Greens ...$7.95
Soup & Greens Combo ...$8.75
soups and salads come served with bread
Hummus Wrap...$8.95
Healthy Wrap...$8.95
Greek Wrap...$8.95
Thai Tofu Wrap...$8.95
Wraps are in an all-natural whole wheat tortilla
served with our daily side
Mediterranean ...$8.50
Avocado Melt ...$8.50
Grilled 3 Cheese ...$5.95
Ultimate Grilled Cheese ...$8.50
Grilled Peanut Butter & Banana...$5.95
Fakin' BLT...$8.50
Mother Fakin' BLT...$9.50
Green Goddess...$8.50
Paninis & Sandwiches
served with our daily side
Wild Bean Burger...$8.50
Ultimate Wild Bean Burger...$9.50
Our burgers are a protein packed grilled black bean & seitan pattie on a whole grain bun
served with our daily side
Vanilla • Chocolate • Caramel
White Chocolate • Hazelnut • Amaretto
Frosted Mint • Green Mint • Irish Cream
Toasted Marshmellow • Cinnamon
Coconut • Gingerbread • Pumpkin Spice
Banana • Blackberry • Blueberry
Kiwi • Lemon • Lime • Mango
Orange • Passionfruit • Peach • Pear
Pineapple • Pomegranate • Raspberry
Strawberry • Cherry
SF Vanilla • SF White Chocolate
SF Almond • SF Hazelnut